People that pay with change are annoying, whether you are waiting in line behind them or at the register receiving a pile of unwanted change, amirite?

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If the cashier doesn't want it, odds are the person using it to pay doesn't either. That's kind of why they pay with it. And if you're too impatient to wait that extra 30 ~ 60 seconds, and it bothers you that much, then go find yourself another checkout line.

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I'm the person that pays with change...lol I can't help it though! If I don't use any change it just piles up!

I was a cashier, and it actually made it easier when people did this.

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I do this, so I'm not gonna say it's annoying bc that'd be hypocritical.

The only time I do this is in self-checkout when there is no one behind me in line. It's a nice way to get rid of all the annoying change. Otherwise, it's a nuisance to other people and I'll just pay cash.

It's ok if you want to pay in change, it's not ok if your change is in your left ass pocket and its going to take you a few minutes to fish out the 98 cents, then count it wrong, need another penny, oh wait you don't have another penny you put that in your right ass pocket...

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