Thomas the Tank Engine was THE kid show back in the 90's and is still better than any kid show today, amirite?

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I'm sorry, but that show bored me to death as a kid. It really did. I have a young sister now, and it bores her, too. It wasn't as bad as that learn to read show, though, lol.

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There are actually a lot of kid shows from back in the day that are still better than the ones now. And no, it's not because that's what I grew up with.

The reason Thomas the Tank is better is because it looks more realistic. Obviously talking trains aren't very realistic but the rest of the show is. There was a lot of time and effort put into creating the scenes for that show. There's some kid show out now called Chuggington. The trains can apparently dance and jump around on the tracks which REAL TRAINS never do.

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That was my favorite show. Thomas the Tank Engine FOR THE WIN.

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I never really watched Thomas as a kid. My favorite show was Arthur growing up and now the best kids shows are definitely Avatar: The Last Airbender and Phineas and Ferb.

I always thought that Jay-Jay the Jetplane was the best...

That show sucks.

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Pfft no way. Sailor Moon ftw.


It takes a lot to really offend me, and I mean A LOT. Good sir, you have offended me. Stop fucking with my childhood, man!

I did however, play this about three times just to hear the song haha

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I never watched that show.

That show terrified me. I couldn't look at their faces. I think I had a nightmare about them once.

Actually, all of the trains on that show were complete dicks, Thomas included. In fact, the only character I liked at all was Toby. And, I guess, Trevor the Tractor (or whatever his name was) was okay sometimes.
But, also, a lot of the trains would get punished for taking initiative (i.e. Hiro Helps Out: Hiro tries to help out a discombobulated Sir Topham Hatt by giving orders to the other trains that STH would haved given anyways, so STH makes him go and apologize to each individual train and say that only STH gives orders). Personally, I don't think that's a value that should be instilled in young children. But, I mean, that's just me.

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