When teenagers in a T.V. show are like "What's a newspaper?" or a phonebook, or something that isn't super technologically advanced, it makes you mad. We're not stupid. I've read a newspaper and a phonebook many times, and I even know what records and tapes are, and I'm a teenager. It's stupid, amirite?

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A few years ago, my sister was watching Hannah Montana, and Lily said, "Who are the Beatles?" I almost cried.

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They were trying WAY too hard in that episode to make Hannah Montana seem super famous. It was sort of pathetic.

Damn TV shows.. trying to make news papers "uncool".

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I'm surprised no one has asked why you've read a phone book before...

Lol you watched Good luck charlie yesterday?

@Babytard Lol you watched Good luck charlie yesterday?

Haha..not yesterday, but that's what gave me the idea

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@Babytard Lol you watched Good luck charlie yesterday?


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lol so true. You go kid for makin the homepage :)!

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Stupid it is.

what's a news paper? and where can i get one?

Hey! Since we're so special, let's ban making fun of us on TV!

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