Every school has that kid with the Justin Bieber hair, amirite?

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We've got like 7...

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Yeah he may have gotten a new hairstyle.. But the old style will forever be known as Justin Bieber hair.

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I know about 10 in our youngest year (11 year olds) and there are 4/5 in my year (16 year olds) So we've probably got a fair few in between there.

I live in such a chavvy area.

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I feel like you go to my school...

Basically any guy with straight, long hair swept to the side has "Justin Bieber Hair"....

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That was me for a really long time, except I had had that hairstyle since I was 11. Then I got a haircut and a month later JB got the same one. It sucked.

Ours is a girl. Named Justina.

One girl and a bajillion guys.

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i had justin beiber hair before it was mainstream

We had one, but he just graduated. But his legacy will live on and we will make fun of him for years to come.

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