Every show about cakes is the same. They make an amazing looking cake, almost drop it, and the customer is happy, amirite?

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How many cake shows are there? I've never seen one in my life.

Don't forget the part where they'e positive there's no way they're going to make it. (That's the moment that happens right before they win.)

HMDuckys avatar HMDucky Yeah You Are +1Reply

They rarely almost drop it on Cake Boss.

Just out of curiosity; where'd this come from?

AshleyDiedrichs avatar AshleyDiedrich Yeah You Are 0Reply
@AshleyDiedrich Just out of curiosity; where'd this come from?

what do you mean where did it come from? cake boss? other cake shows whose titles escape my mind...

poopypoops avatar poopypoop Yeah You Are +3Reply

Haha sometimes they do drop it

angrysnowmans avatar angrysnowman Yeah You Are -2Reply
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