Anime fans: It's depressing and makes you kind of angry when a really great anime has a terrible English dub. Ex: D. Gray Man. Amirite?

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I read that as: Amirite fans:

It makes me cry..

Subs > dubs

I thought Ouran Highschool Host Club and Hetalia were pretty good. The Death Note one sucked.


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Yeah... It feels great to actually find a good dub. Axis Powers Hetalia is one of them.

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I don't think the D. Gray Man dub is bad at all! But I hate that they only dubbed half the series.

Fruits Basket has the worst English dub ever.
And I liked Haruhi's voice better in English because it sounded more sarcastic,
everyone else in Ouran was better in Japanese.

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I learned Japanese so I can watch anime and do other things at the same time without resorting to dubs.

I gave up on watching dubs.

Ouran High School Host Club...

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