It's a weird feeling when you are on a boat or on a trampoline and when you get off of it, it still feels like you're going over waves or jumping up and down, when really you're just walking, amirite?

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I'm about to sound like a nerd, but it's because of the same reason you get dizzy when you spin around in a circle. There are fluids in your ears. and when they're moving, you feel like you're moving too.

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@Hannah_Beth I'm not calling you stupid. Don't get so offended

No you're just trying to sound smart even tho it has nothing to do with the post

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This comment was deleted by its author.

Yeah, clearly, you were..

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@Hannah_Beth I'm not calling you stupid. Don't get so offended

I wasn't getting offended and I never thought you were calling me stupid, I was just stating that that wasn't what the post was about, whatsoever.

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It's the worst when roller blading

Sometimes when you shag your gf for too long it feels like it even when you're just walking,

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Yeah, it's that way with planes and rollerblades, too. But I like the feeling. :)

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Ppl need ta back of dis chiq. She made a statment. Its not like shes burninq da flaq!

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@enburf27 Excuse me, Anonymous, I think your g and q buttons are mixed up.

I have to agree with enburf27. I wasn't getting offended or trying to offend anyone so I dropped it. As should you anon.

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