Girls: I think a fun prank to play on a guy you hooked up with would be to send him a text, "We need to talk" followed by "I missed a period." Then wait until he freaks out before you respond, "Relax, I meant in my first text. Just wanted to catch up!", amirite?

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Surprise you-might-be-a-baby-daddy conversations are no laughing matter! What if he never forgives her? Then she's lost a potential booty call forever gasp. THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR POSTS, YOUNG MAN.

Yep, that's right on up there with "My dad just died... not really though." in terms of hilarious pranks.

What if he doesn't freak out?

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@Ram27 What if he doesn't freak out?

"Well, that's the 5th time this has happened..."

"I meant in my first text..."

"This is awkward..."


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