White Americans: We kind of have an identity crisis when it comes to our ethnicity. We're not American, because everyone in America came from other countries. And most of us are so mixed in ethnicity we can't just say one thing, amirite?

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I'm half irish, half english. You may call me white.

And no one really cares about white people's heritage. It's sad really.

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In History class a few years ago the teacher had us all go around the room and say what ethnicity we are. Everyone was at least two, and quite a few kids called themselves American mutt.

I think being from many different ethnicies IS what makes us Americans.I mean, our motto is "out of many, one".

Okay, corny moment over.

I'm English, Irish, Scottish, Polish and German...incase anyone cared.

I'm just black......

I just say I'm half Italian, 1/4 Scottish, and 1/4 Irish. That's not exactly true, because I'm more Scottish or something... But it would be too confusing.

We are American, if we're U.S. citizens, or even if we've been here for a long time and plan on becoming full, or dual American citizens. That has nothing to do with ethnicity.

German, native American, Hispanic. Also according to my dad I'm Viking in origin too... O.o

My family all emigrated to America in the 1900's, so I can easily trace my family history. I just tell people I'm half-German, half-British, though there's some other nationalities mixed in there.

Also, unless you're Native American, your ancestors came from other countries as well. Your ethnicity is probably European.

I am 100% American. My parents were born in America, so were all my grandparents, and so was I. This makes me an American. If we all want to trace back our history, why just stop at one country, we all came from Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

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