Dubstep: you either think it's awesome or extremely stupid, amirite?

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It's awesome.

Chells avatar Chell Yeah You Are +7Reply

Knock knock

Who's there?

Interrupting dubstep.


LinksLegionaires avatar LinksLegionaire Yeah You Are +5Reply


OrangeCheekuns avatar OrangeCheekun Yeah You Are +3Reply

Sooo... Anyone else here think it's extremely stupid?

Fitzkriegs avatar Fitzkrieg Yeah You Are +3Reply

Double agree

sierrarayees avatar sierrarayee Yeah You Are +2Reply

I'm a DriveShaft girl

It's stupid. Very stupid.

Sorry, but dubstep??

@lgreenberg Sorry, but dubstep??

Look it up on YouTube. Prepare to be amazed.

musicals avatar musical Yeah You Are 0Reply
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