What do we call this decade...the 10's ? amirite?

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The tentacles.

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The good 'ol days.

Noo, the 2010s. Or the early 2000s ;)

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The noughties I always thought

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yerp the noughties

The twenty-teens

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@willisjaw The twenty-teens

i was gonna say that! yayyyy

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The teens, right? And then the first decade was just the 2000s, right?

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Definitely the tentacles.

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i always heard my gtrandparents calling the 1900s the oughts, and the 1910's the teens, so i guess thats the same: 2000s are the aughts, and this decade is the teens?

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its actually officially called the 'Noughties' like nought as in zero...probably until the twenties again because from this year till then you have 2011 and 2012, and they aren't the 'Teens' technically....I don't know actually =S

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