It would be strange if everyone on Earth excluding you was a psychic, and you're just an experiment to see how a non psychic thinks, amirite?

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I have thoughts like this constantly. What if everyone else is just a figment of your imagination?

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I always think what if I'm the only real human and everyone else is just an illusion or a robot type thing created for the purpose of someone else to see how I respond and interact to different people and siutations and some other more intelligent life form is studying me reacting to all this, like watching a mouse in a maze. And maybe nothing exists outside the places I go to and if say I decide to travel to France they have to go and build France to keep the illusion going. And so really I'd be representing an entire race with every action I make which is a huge responsibility

I swear this is exactly how i feel sometimes.

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Damn it, who messed up our research?

I mean...go ahead and continue your daily lives. You didn't see this.

Dude I thought I was the only one who thought this. Sometimes I feel as if like the whole world is in on it and I'm the only one who can't read minds. And sometimes they slip up, like this one time in class I tested it out by thinking of an answer that had absolutely nothing to do with the question and then the teacher called on a girl and she said my answer! Dude new conspriracy theory?

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I wasn't really specific enough. When I put psychic, I meant people that could read other eachother's thoughts, not ones that could know possible outcomes of the future.

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More like psycho.

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