You don't realize how much you've come to dislike your alarm clock until one day you hear a noise that sounds like your alarm and feel a little leap of forboding inside, amirite?

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My alarm clock (the standard alarm on the iPhone) sounds exactly like the alarm that goes off in the factory of Monsters Inc., so when I watched it last week, I was like "DA FUCK? Why's my alarm going off? It's a Saturday!"

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I have that standard alarm clock beep, and whenever I hear it anywhere else my head hurts.

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Mines the good morning ringtone that comes with verizons env touch,and whenever i hear it my eyes get really wide and i literally begin to have a mental breakdown cause the only time I hear it is when I'm asleep and or in a dream...

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crickets. I always wanted to turn my alarm off in a hurry so that it doesn't wake anyone, and it starts with crickets, so I wake up and am in a mad panic to turn it off before music starts playing. So now, whenever I hear crickets I spaz out. :|

My phone's alarm has resulted in absolute revolt towards the beautiful sound of the Glockenspiel.

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The sound of the alarm clock in that damn Five Hour Energy commercial makes me cringe.

Ariodantes avatar Ariodante Yeah You Are 0Reply

Omg. Story of my life. This'll happen during school when someone's watch beeps and I'll look around to make sure I'm actually not sleeping. Hahaha.

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