If you're in a hotel you like to flash people from your window, amirite?

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It's porno music/comment time!

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I'm not Natalie Tran, so no.

Pfft, I do it right from the comfort of my home. hello smilie

Hotel, office, school, apartment, basically anywhere with a window.

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Pshh I'm down.

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This reminded me of the creeps in the hotel scene in "Catcher In The Rye". J.D Salinger, anyone?

I love natalie tran so much(: I'm so glad she started making videos again!

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This post made my day.

All the time.

I'll be driving with a friend and we'll stop at a red light. I'll make eye contact with a fellow driver and just stare at him with my poker face on. I'll slowly descend until I'm out of sight, and return with the same face on, while holding a testicle in my hand as I come back up in an awkward position.

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