There are some classic/popular movies or books you've never actually seen or read, but you've seen enough parodies of it to get the basic plot, amirite?

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brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +10Reply
@brunetterox915 Inception.

South Park - Insheeption

8jtt9s avatar 8jtt9 Yeah You Are 0Reply


@Bring_Me_a_Moose starwarsssss

Your life is empty until you've seen Star Wars, whether you enjoy it or not.

Although I have to admit, I've never seen starwarsssss.

brunetterox915s avatar brunetterox915 Yeah You Are +6Reply
@Bring_Me_a_Moose starwarsssss

I haven't seen it either.

@Bring_Me_a_Moose starwarsssss

I never saw it either.

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Kashus avatar Kashu Yeah You Are +4Reply

Romeo and Juliet.

boxtops avatar boxtop Yeah You Are +3Reply

The Matrix

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +2Reply

Pride & Prejudice.

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +2Reply

Titanic and The Notebook.

AwkwardMoments1s avatar AwkwardMoments1 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Wizard of Oz

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +1Reply
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