If Zombies did in fact exist, most of the people at your school would be safe, amirite?

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(My head)

Can anyone explain?

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@LittleRed Zombies eat brains.

OOOOHHHH WOW that was sooo stupid of me. WOW just... wow. Thanks though.

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@LittleRed It's cool, we all have our moments.

Yes, I'd like to call that a rare 'moment' because I don't want to be that stupid all the time. Thanks for explaining it without be rude, though.

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Unless you go to Harvard.

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@Sexy Unless you go to Harvard.

Harvard is all about money, sure there are probably a lot of smart people there, but a lot of the people that go there are just there because that have a shit ton of money.

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70% Asian... sorry (or at least was)

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No one is safe!

If zombies did exist you wouldn't be reading this, instead you'd be outside with your baseball bat atop a mound of corpses shouting to the heavens.
Eventually the zombies would arrive and you'd start killing them.

Not necessarily because they're stupid, lol. Most of the kids at my school have some sort of plan for the zombie apocalypse. Those that don't have close friends that do, so they'd be safe, too.

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Unless this was a school in china..

I knew what you ment... Zombies eat brains and everyone at you school is safe!!! LOL
I have a glow in the dark T-Shirt that says
I am a brain eating zombie
Dont worry your safe!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!

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