It's annoying when people take an unattractive quality they have and try to make it sound cute. "Umm I'm kind of a control freak. Like, I just REALLY like things my way. Ahaha(((:" Bitch shut up, amirite?

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Im like below avrge lernin lvl but thts ok cuz ud <3 me neway!

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Or when they're like "i kno im a bitch n a slut but i do whatt i wantt when i want n ppl respct me 4 itt bcuz im a strong person whos not afrd to spk her mindd"

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@I_Predict_A_Riot huh?

the words are all messed up and I have seen a word puzzle where they write it all messy and you have to guess the words without looking at the answers in the back.

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"Im sooooo crazy. I like totally killed my last bf cuz he like didnt luv me, ahaha but I know u do boo" ;)

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"i dont juss get wasted or drunkk, i get awesommeeeeeee<3"

Personally I think people sounded talk about their unattractive qualities at all becaue the only ways are to complain or try and make it sound cute and both of them are annoying.

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It is hard to talk about your unattractive qualities because you could complain or try and make it sound cute. I don't know about you but I find both methdos of talking about them annoying either way.

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I would have favorited this if you would have said "bitch shut the fuck up" lol

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