Each generation says to themselves "I'm going to be a better parent to my children, than my parents were to me!" But instead maybe we should inspire to be the kind of parents that our great,great,great,(etc),grandparents were! Maybe instead of becoming more and more idiotic, the next few generations would become better and better, amirite?

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I think the word you were looking for is 'aspire.'

all children are idiots, as you get older the current generation of children seems to become more and more moronic only because you are becoming more and more mature. Then there is that your ancestors used to beat their children and keep them in check until the children rebelled and slowly became the more liberal parents of today. The children of today are allowed to be more free and so actually learn how to act in public society. I'm not justifying parents who let their children run wild but our previous generations aren't any better.

The problem is that when kids say they will be better parents, they often mean, "I'll let my kid do stuff that my parents didn't let me do and I am angry about." Parenting is about instilling values and loving unconditionally, not whether or not your kid goes to parties and such.

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