Once in your life, while taking a shower, you have accidentally put conditioner on your hair before shampoo, amirite?

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Do you guys always keep shampoo on the left?

i always do that on purpose.....

or you confuse your conditioner for shampoo and rub it all over and in your roots :/

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2-in-1 FTW!!!!

the worst: shampoo, conditioner...then face scrub...blah so u gotta start again, shampoo, conditioner...dont try this at home

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One time I used body wash in my hair -_-

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Why do you people always use that word order? Is there anything wrong with "GTFO OR TITS"? Is there some secret code behind it, or are you all just boring assholes who never think outside the....
Cube. I'm gonna call it a cube. I'm not walking into that one.

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