People who insult the vampires & werewolves in Twilight are missing the point; people don't like Twilight series because of the "monsters" in it, they like it because it's a good love story. amirite?

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Woah, so may no ways :S
Yeah it does kinda come accross like that in the films haha, but the books ARE good.

Yeah, well it's about a young girl who's totally obsessed with a 108-year-old virgin. Quality love story right there.

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an abusive paedophile.

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no people like this story because edward is sooo "hot" and jacob is sooo "hot" they like the "good love story"

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Well, it's kind of the vampires and werewolves that make it such a terrible love story... vampires are one thing, werewolves was tkaing it a step too far...

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Would everyone PLEASE stop saying we like it because of the hot guys when i am explaining to someone that i like twilight and why, not once do i say i like it for the hot guys

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