The song "the edge of glory" sucks WAAAAY more than friday, amirite?

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Nothing against Lady Gaga, but that song drives me mental. At least Friday is fun to sing and dance to, all The Edge of Glory is is Gaga screaming I'M ON THE EDGE! for 3 minutes. We get it. You're on the edge.

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Are you stupid?

@OFrabjousDay Are you stupid?

Is that a rhetorical question? Cause this sure as hell is

By the increasing tone of her voice I always thought she was more or less on the edge of orgasm


Friday? The best day of the week (next to Saturday)? Guh (or boi) you crazy.

I read this and thought, "FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS THE LIMIT OF LADY GAGA'S TALENT!! IMMA GO YYA THIS!!" And then I realized I already clicked YYA. I felt kind of proud of my past self, and disappointed that I couldn't click it again.

What the hell? Are you insane?

They both suck.

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1. Probably nothing will suck worse than Friday.
2. Edge of Glory doesn't suck.

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