When someone says bands like Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance are bands of the devil, have never paid attentention to the message that the lyrics have, amirite?

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MCR is my all time favourite band, and I know alot of people who can honestly say that MCR saved their life.

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I love them. But why would they be "bands of the devil"? I heard that MCR even saved the lives of some kids that were considering suicide.

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i love mcr but bvb scares me a bit. the lyrics are good and andy is a great person, but its just the music. and yeah, i know alot of people that would would translate 'ARRRRRRGGHH' to 'satan satan satan'.

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Bvb and mcr are awesome. I saw both of them recently. Two awesome shows. I can saw that mcr did save my life. The song "save yourself, I'll hold them back" is about a friend talking a friend out of committing suicide. How is a helpful friend of the devil?

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I love those bands :D

mcrmy forever! that band saved my life

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Two of my favorites <3

I love how pretty much all the comments are about MCR :)

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some people call all those bands, plus every band in the rock/metal genra bands of the devil becuase usaully it's really loud, and some the names of songs and the whole band could be taken wrong.

I love MCR but its easy to see how they get that idea. "Mama, we all go to hell" and "kill all your friends" are prime examples... Of course people should take those things in context and not jump to conclusions, but its not that far fetched...

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Tons of people, I know a girl who got grounded for two weeks for having an MCR cd. Her parents were craaaazy.

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Two of my favorite bands<3

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Maybe it relates to their lives, and the music helped them get through a rough patch in their life. For example: Contemplating suicide.

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To be honest, I don't think you can really compare the two at all. I mean, genre wise, they're two very differenct bands.

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MCR - "Mama we all go to hell". Could be mistaken for a devil band.

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