The best part of soda is the foam at the top, amirite?

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naah it's the worst when you're pouring it. like you're so thirsty/rushed you just want to stop pouring and drink but you know you could get more into your cup if the foam just settled down already

My favorite part is the weight gain. :)

call me crazy, but I like THE ACTUAL SODA.

I love the foam after you pour! I never wait for it to go down, and this confuses many people in my family, lol. Why wait when you can just slurp it up?

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I hate the foam, unless it's on cream soda. But even then, it's far from being the best part.

My favorite part is the taste.

Do you mean beer? Should a thirteen-year-old be gushing aboot how much she likes beer?

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But it has some taste, and it feels so cool in your mouth

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