It's obnoxious as hell (and kind of arrogant) for some gay people to try and convince all heterosexuals that they're just "in denial", amirite?

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I've only
heard this happen the other way around

@Serg I've only heard this happen the other way around

This. Like, maybe some gay people are arseholes and tell straight people that they're gay in denial, but there are whole institutions, there are churchs, there are organisations devoted to the belief that everyone is heterosexual and gays choose to deviate. It doesn't compare - there are brainwashing "Ex-Gay" camps - I've never seen a homosexual organisation open an "Ex-Straight" camp.

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Happens all the time here. If one guy mentions that he doesn't like football in front of a gay friend, gay friend will go out of his way to drag the other guy out of the closet he was never hiding in. My lesbian cousin is always hitting on girls in public, saying that "they're gay, they just don't know it yet". I guess I kind of assumed that this happened everywhere. I'm from Massachusetts where gay marriage is allowed, so l suppose it's more acceptable to be openly homosexual here.

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How do you get someone to become bi? :/ I thought you were either born that way, or you weren't.

@Rainbow35 How do you get someone to become bi? :/ I thought you were either born that way, or you weren't.

Yeah, but for some people, especially when they're still in high school, they aren't actually bi and it's just a phase or they just think that they're bi or gay but they aren't.

My gay friend jokes around and goes into excruciating detail about how gross my boyfriend's and my straight relationship is. I know it's a joke, but it's kind of hurtful when he takes it to a certain extent. I mean, if I don't go around saying gay sex is disgusting (even though I really don't think about it or pass judgments on it) then you shouldn't be telling me my sexual orientation is disgusting. Really.

@rilara What could he be saying to make it gross?

He just says stuff like "vagina" and "clitoris" with a face like precreation is the most disgusting thing. Ever. I really can't explain it, it's like ten minute long conversations where he describes the whole process in the most vile way possible.

@StacytheHarlot He just says stuff like "vagina" and "clitoris" with a face like precreation is the most disgusting thing. Ever. I...

Well, he has sex in the same place people take a shit. Just say that, and he can't say anything.

I think you are exaggerating ALOT. You say all heterosexuals. I haven't met a single lesbian that tried to convinced me that I'm not straight. PowerSerg was right. It's definitely the other way around.

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One of my friends is gay and he has tried to convince me that I'm a lesbian about 125894583 times. I think it may be because I live in a small town in the midwest where there aren't a lot of gay people, so maybe he wants to have someone to go through it with him.

Maybe OP is just defending himself because so many gay guys' gaydar goes off around him.

Just kidding, but I've never heard of that. If I had, yes it would be obnoxious.

I can see arguments for diehard homophobes being in denial. But straight people in general? What reality are you in?

Yeeeah, I had that happen before with my best friend's girlfriend. She would always flirt with me and tell me she could see me being bi or gay.

.... >_>

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Wait, gay people are convincing straight people that gay people are in denial? How does that make sense?

I go around saying this, but I'm never serious about it.

I only said yes to this because I've had this happen to me on a few occasions. Like the time when one of my bi friends told me that "straight people are mythical creatures."
But I also think it's wrong for straight people to say that gay people are confused. And that happens much more often.

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To be honest, I just think that people notice gay people saying this sort of thing far more than they notice the 'You can be cleansed of being gay' straight talk because gays are a minority that are far more easy to accuse.. Yes, the sort of thing OP is talking about does happen but far less frequently than the 'less noticeable' and somehow more acceptable opposite.

I don't know any gay people outside of the internet excluding myself, so I've never seen this happen. It would be obnoxious, though. These things work both ways.

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