It's uncomfortable and disheartening hearing young kids curse nowadays. Especially because when you were that age you were an awkward little spaz playing with Power Ranger action figures, amirite?

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There was an eight year old girl in line next to me once & she started swearing out of nowhere & all I could think was at that age, "stupid" was still a terrible word, what happened in the ten years from 90s kids to 00s kids?

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No I wasn't. . .

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Seriously, I think the "what's happening with kids these days" posts are highly exaggerated. You probably didn't curse as a child because you didn't have your parents cursing right in front of your faces. These kids don't know any better.

@Rainbows Seriously, I think the "what's happening with kids these days" posts are highly exaggerated. You probably didn't...

No, my parents, older siblings & their friends swore like truck drivers around me all the time. But my parents made sure I knew better than to swear, and if I ever did, I would be punished.

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@Rainbows Makes what less true?

Just because the circumstances may be different doesn't mean it's an exaggeration, and it doesn't make the statement (children cursing is weird) any less true.

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I don't like how people on this site born in the mid to late 90s think that they are from a completely different world or something.

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I had that toy too!
Ahh, the memories.

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The other day, my 8 year old cousin said "fuck." I was so shocked. When I was 8, I told on someone for calling my friend "stupid head."

When I was a kid I was terrified to say sucks or crap until I was around 12. Now I swear like a sailor. There are 9 and 10 year olds in my neighborhood with horrible manners. They are very disrespectful and they also curse. If they were my siblings they would get a spanking.

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