When you were younger you always wondered what you would look like at your age now . amirite?

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I am proud to say that my younger self was not disappointed ;D

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Wow, I feel totally weird now, 300+ thumbs up and i can't recall ever wondering that. Now I feel like I missed out.

My younger self was waaaaaaaaaaay off. Then again, thinking I would look like Raven Symone may have been an impossible thought...

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I look the exact friggin same way as I looked when I was 1. Haven't changed at all!!

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I used to talk to my sister: "I wonder what it's going to be like when we're teenagers!" I think this thought was inspired by Rugrats All Grown Up. It's safe to say that being a teenager is sort of anti-climactic. I'm also shorter than I imagined I'd be, lol.

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