It's really annoying when people born in the 90s act like their TV shows, music, etc. was so much better than the stuff kids today watch and listen to. It's like they don't realize that the 80s kids probably said the same exact thing about them. amirite?

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It's all based on opinion. I'm not a "real" 90's kid as I was born in 1997 but I watch the old Nickelodeon shows when the reruns come on and you can really tell the shows of today have gone down in quality. A lot of them have recycled jokes and it's quite annoying.

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@Shun It's all based on opinion. I'm not a "real" 90's kid as I was born in 1997 but I watch the old Nickelodeon shows...

Well, most the shows they talk about like "Hey Arnold" and "Doug" etc. didn't really go off-air until the early 2000s, so technically a kid born in the late 90s could remember the shows too. I sometimes talk about those shows with my little sister, who was born in '98, and she remembers them very well. In fact, a lot better than I do. :c

But in all honesty, I don't think people should get to determine what a "real" 90s kid is. It just gets annoying.

80's... kid...?

[unable to comprehend]

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People like that really piss me off... and I'm a 90's kid.

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I'm pretty sure most kids from the 80s appreciated the 90s culture. The reason so many 90s kids say they miss that time period is because of all the shit we have today. The 90s weren't shitty...so the 80s kids couldn't really complain. However, there are good and bad things from every decade.

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I was only born in '97, but having an older sister basically made up for that. It's obnoxious when people act like everyone and everything else in inferior if it's not from the wonderful magical 90's. Kids' television is pretty much going down the crapper, but still. There's still good things now.


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