You'd nearly have a heart attack if you were alone in a dark computer room, at night, separate from your house, and you heard what sounded like a doll speaking in a high pitched voice right outside the window which is about a foot next to you, amirite?

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And I wouldn't investigate it. I would GTFO.

Prosopagnosias avatar Prosopagnosia Yeah You Are +26Reply

If I have nightmares about this I'm
Blaming you

This is rather specific....

dancing_phalangess avatar dancing_phalanges Yeah You Are +13Reply

Cool...right when I was about to sleep. I fucking HATE dolls. Now I'm hearing things. :(

Where the hell did you get this idea from?

Once, I was in my cousin's creepy basement and this doll stroller started laughing this insane, maniacal laugh. Scariest shit ever.

Normas avatar Norma Yeah You Are +6Reply

This reminds me of Saw.

J_ZASs avatar J_ZAS Yeah You Are +4Reply

is this from something?

@DaAce96 is this from something?

Hopefully everyone pointing this out will see this, but this actually happened to me. So I wrote a post and then got the fuck out of there.

Unicornss avatar Unicorns Yeah You Are +1Reply

Now I'm scared. I'm laying in bed, which is right next to my window. Fuck.

Slenderfans avatar Slenderfan Yeah You Are +4Reply

The Rake is worst. Google.

I hate when that happens.

jordanhefners avatar jordanhefner Yeah You Are +1Reply
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