Certain bands should call their album "Greatest Hit and Some Other Songs We Wrote" rather than "Greatest Hits", amirite?

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I got a Queen Greatest Hits cd for my birthday and it didn't have fucking Bohemian Rhapsody! I bet whoever chose the tracks was a huge cunt.

@glowtmickey I was annoyed too, but then I realized that the song was only 69 cents on itunes.

I had all their albums on itunes already, it was the just the fact that whatever overweight douche was picking the tracks didn't include Bohemian Rhapsody. Really it wasn't that great a gift at all since I had their other albums already

Dream Theater did that. It's called "Greatest Hit (...And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)".

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I'm pretty sure Reel Big Fish did something like that...

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Michael Jackson's didn't have the Thriller... WHAT.

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