It seems silly when someone says that they want to live in the time period when there was "good music" because you'd much rather live in this time period than make 50¢/hour for a living, amirite?

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They act like there's no way to access "good music" when we have the freakin' internet.

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It's not only how much they were making. Income is relative to the time period. It's that, sure, you might want to live during the sixties, but if you're a woman you wouldn't have as much freedom. You might be a housewife. If you're African American you'd have to deal with segregation. If you want to live in the seventies or eighties, you'd have to deal with the start of the AIDS epidemic and being scared because of the Cold War. Every time frame has something bad to deal with, so it's usually better to live in the time you were born and try to find ways to embrace the music or culture from a certain time by using the resources we have today.

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I want to live in the 70s and 80s, but not JUST for the music. Just the culture in general. But whatever, it's not like it's a realistic possibility anyway so it doesn't matter how much people were making.

Well, with the economy being shit and all, jobs really aren't the best selling point for wanting to be in this time period.

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