If Jesus exists on Family Guy and preforms miracles, why is Brian still an Atheist? amirite?

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Why does Brian talk, even though he's a dog?

I'm pretty sure Peter Griffin has died several times as well so you could ask why he's still alive.

INB4 "Jesus exists on earth and performs miracles, so why are there still atheists?"

Because it's a cartoon!!!! Duh. It has nothing to do with plot holes or inconsistencies. Cartoons just do that.

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I'm pretty sure the majority of the site is Atheist.


Why would capitalize atheism? It's not a religion. And I'm an atheist.

Anon, why do you feel you deserve respect? I have seen how people treat people who have religion. It's mostly the atheists who tell them how stupid they are and laugh at them and deride their beliefs. So, why is your lack of belief more worthy of esteem than someone's faith? Because it reinforces the notion you're too intelligent to fall for "invisible friends"? Maybe it show you know SCIENCE and are learned? Either way, keep your knickers on.

INB4 tl;dr

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@Anon, why do you feel you deserve respect? I have seen how people treat people who have religion. It's mostly the...

Not all atheists are arrogant douches like that, just like not all Christians are fundamentalists.

Also - character degradation - the characters personalities change as the show goes on - Brian wasn't always a militant atheist, just like Stewie wasn't always a walking gay joke.

This is probably more observable on The Simpsons - there's a TV Trope about it, how Flanders went from the "perfect neighbour" stereotype that Homer could never match to a "complete sissy" who's scared of moths, to "Christian fundamentalist". Seriously, watch the older episodes - Flanders wasn't a hardcore Christian, he was just the perfect neighbour who had the perfect family who went to church every Sunday.

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