Girls: You love finding those super cute, kinda nerdy, and very sweet guys who have not been discovered yet by other girls amirite?

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fuckin hipsters

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inb4 Credetemi

Anonymous +13Reply
@inb4 Credetemi

Is she famous for this?

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@Is she famous for this?

Affirmative. Every post that shows girls in a good or bad light always has a Credetemi comment.

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You do? Well that's a good thing o_O

Absolutely. That's the best haha.

97Brookelyn19s avatar 97Brookelyn19 Yeah You Are +1Reply

Nerdy in what vernacular?

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are +1Reply
@__________ Nerdy in what vernacular?

They probably mean shy or introverted while also smart. Whereas when I hear nerd, I think very intelligent, completely unconcerned with pop culture and fashion, but instead interested in intellectual pursuits like theology, literature, music, art, or even things like Pokemon. Someone with depth and very little concern over social niceties, but by no means rude or mean.

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Hey!! That's me!!

That's what my girlfriend said :)

Saigots avatar Saigot Yeah You Are -1Reply
@Saigot That's what my girlfriend said :)

My girlfriend said that about me too. She broke up with me 3 months ago :)

It sucks when those guys are discovered by hot popular girls and they get all cocky.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are -1Reply

I like finding the super sweet nerdy guys that no one cares about because everyone is superficially concerned with looks

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