You'd rather be a minor role in a good/well-known movie than being a major role in a crappy movie, amirite?

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Well, within limits, yes. Not if the minor role was something like "random girl in dinosaur suit for half a second in scene 2"

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Glen Coco.

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Woo I just homepaged this!

I am aware that no one cares.

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just because the movie was bad, doesn't mean your acting was. The same can be said vice-versa. For that reason i would say that i would rather be a major role as it would allow me to show my acting talent despite how bad the story/plotline are.

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For the most part I agree with the OP, but in that situation I'd definitely go with the creepy German guy.

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i would rather be an ewok than the main character of a few decent movies to be honest...


That kinda of applies to the well-known movie part...but it works for the crappy movie part too..lol

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