It seems that whenever someone dies prematurely there are only great things said about them. Surely not every single person who passed away early was a great friend, loving father, kind, etc. Just once it would be funny to hear about some guy who deceased from a heart attack and have somebody like his landowner say, "Yeah, he was a major jerk. Cheated on his wife whenever he could and was known for being a petty thief and criminal. Rest in peace? Pay your lease, douchebag, amirite?

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Speaker for the dead anyone? Anyone?

Usually the bad people don't have a lot of people come to their funeral, so you don't hear their eulogy.

This is funny, but I feel like there are good things to say about everyone, so it seems like they're a good person when they die, because you only hear the good stuff.

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Totally voted for POTD. Sounds like it good potentially turn into a funny Youtube skit.

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The movie World's Greatest Dad was hilarious.

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