Although I know there are legitimate and serious cases where a woman rapes a man, it's a little difficult to imagine that scenario. Do they just wait until the man gets a random boner and mount him or something? Because that could result in some pretty awkward situations. "Aha yes! I see a bulge in his pants! It's time to put my devious plans into motion!" "Oh hey Jennifer whats...what...wait what the fuck are you doing!?!" "Huh...must have been your phone. Shit. Well I'm gonna leave the country, amirite?

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Also, remember that some men can get an erection simply from physical stimulation, even if they are not otherwise sexually aroused. This is in the nature of male sexuality. Thus, it may be possible for someone to induce an erection in a man through physical stimulation and force him to use his erection in ways that he actually does not want including ejaculation.

In addition, if a rapist were using some kind of threat, e.g. a gun, a threat against a family member, blackmail, etc., a male can be forced to do many things, not just sexual, against his will. This, too, would be rape.

Girls can rape guys just the same way guys can rape a girls. If a male is not willing to have sex with a female, and she has sex with him anyways she is raping him.

You may think that it's not possible because a guys penis needs to be erect for sexual intercourse to happen. Erection may occur for a number of reasons (e.g. erections can happen if a man is sleeping, physically aroused). There are also drugs (e.g. Caverject, Edex) that are injected directly into the penis that will cause an erection, whether or not the man wants an erection or is conscious.

You may also think that it's not possible...

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@Also, remember that some men can get an erection simply from physical stimulation, even if they are not otherwise...

My comment was cut off:
...You may also think that it's not possible because girls are weaker than guys. Even though the vast majority of girls are weaker than guys. Some girls are stronger and can force themselves onto a guy if they so wanted to or they could resort to using weapons.

If a guy isn't thinking properly because he has drank to much, got high or was drugged, a girl could easily take advantage of him. Again this is rape.

And lastly there is also statutory rape. If an adult woman has sex with young man who is not of the age of consent; it is concidered rape in the eyes of the law.

Even though female rapists are hardly ever reported it can happen. I personally think it is harder for a male to report this type of rape because of the social stigma attached. Most men would, therefore, not report a rape by a woman.

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You dropped that.

That's a good point. I think when women rape men it's more date rape than violent rape so maybe he'd be more excitable?

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Also you could anally rape a guy..

I don't think so. If a woman mounted a guy naked the guy would most likely get excited pretty fast I mean honestly, some guys just walking along feeling down because he's 40 and still a virgin, and all of the sudden a woman pulls him from the hallway and has him mount her. Lol weird I know

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