Those little black spiders that run really fast are extremely terrifying, amirite?

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It makes sense with or without the word 'spider'

dont they all run extremely fast?

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@alittleannoyed dont they all run extremely fast?

Sorry to ruin your days, but small spiders can use "Ballooning" (basically they make a parachute of silk) to float on the wind. So they're looking into flying, and one day they're going to master it and that's the day the human race ends.

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@alittleannoyed dont they all run extremely fast?

But those little black ones run even faster than others

@alittleannoyed dont they all run extremely fast?

Ruin? Quite the contrary. I will be dead by that time so all you've done is given me an incredibly awesome fact.

There is so much wrong with that.

There are jumping spiders. Just imagine trying to catch one to take it outside, and it LEAPS AT YOU FACE.

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