You hate it when you tell people you have a hobby (like singing) and they as you if you're any good. If you say yes, you sound like a conceited egomaniac, but if you say no, you'll sound annoyingly modest, amirite?

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"No, honestly. I'm not being modest. I suck. Now fuck off and stop making me feel bad about myself.


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Well, next time someone asks say this, "why don't you come over to my house and find out?" ;D huh.

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I just say "im ok..." and then ask a followup question

"Eh, I enjoy it, that's why it's a hobby and not a career!" We both laugh, conversation changes

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It's not egotistical to admit you have talent. Fuck I hate how it's so socially acceptable to condemn genuine confidence.

"Fuck you." =D

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