You still have not gotten into Pottermore, amirite?

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I didn't try

Javvies avatar Javvie Yeah You Are +6Reply

I got a username and password and everything, but still haven't gotten a welcome email frown smilie

Averys avatar Avery No Way +6Reply

:( it hurts me every time I think about it.

Lexiis avatar Lexii Yeah You Are +5Reply

Still waiting for my welcome email...

kellbellss avatar kellbells Yeah You Are +3Reply

I don't even know what Pottermore is?

@Aimz I don't even know what Pottermore is?

It's a new website, opening in October, and it will have lots of information and back stories on characters in the Harry Potter series.


i got in :)

So did I, mostly by luck. :P

I got in on the 19th, I think, maybe a bit later.

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Well that comment is unnecessary. Also, how would this make me a "faggot"?

jade_ms avatar jade_m Yeah You Are +9Reply

Hooray for not being a bundle of twigs.


Yes you are.


That too

Javvies avatar Javvie Yeah You Are 0Reply
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