How to impress men: Act sane, listen, be caring, smile, compliment him, don't expect him to be a mind reader, show appreciation, and keep equality between the two of you in mind. How to impress a woman: buy her stuff. amirite?

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This is the dumbest fucking post I've ever seen

Unicornss avatar Unicorns No Way +22Reply
@http://amirite.net/202365 is the dumbest fucking post I'VE ever seen.

Here I was thinking that there couldn't possibly be anyone serious enough to get any higher on the scale of idiocy, but no, somebody did the impossible and managed to find a way. I am actually impressed.

@http://amirite.net/202365 is the dumbest fucking post I'VE ever seen.

All that tells me is that the gene for the ability to take a joke about your gender is located on the Y chromosome.

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Well, this was stupid.

I love how this is stupid and sexist but this isn't http://amirite.net/202365 double standard

Does 'stuff' include chocolate?

@Zeenada Does 'stuff' include chocolate?

If it does, my vote would completely change.

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