If teachers want their students to get to know their classmates and become friends with them, THEY should assign partners FOR US, instead of us choosing our own partners, amirite?

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They always assign me to total losers with no care at all for their futures. I end doing all the work. I'd much rather pick my own college bound and considerate friends.

@Ram27 What if you don't have friends in that class?

Don't be shy and go up to another university bound person. That's what I do.

@Ram27 What if you don't have friends in that class?

i'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you, then, make friends in that class.

Maybe at the begining of the year but after that no.

no. there's too much of 'teachers have to do this and that'...independence, academic and otherwise, is important. the teacher should let a person decide for themselves with whom they wish to work, as the grade is often a group grade. if you want to branch out socially, then APPROACH OTHERS without needing that guise of, 'hey, we're forced to work together'. in this age of Internet communication, fewer and fewer people have the balls to actually friggin' socialize. though grand for this idle situation, 'be the change you wish to see in the world' counts here. don't rely on a teacher to force it onto you. you'd be surprised how well a random approach could work. if you want to change your social dynamic in the room or whatever, then initiate it yourself, fool! i'm done.

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No, because after the project I'll usually never talk to that person again.

You say this like I have friends to partner up with otherwise ...

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