History teachers are the most outgoing, amirite?

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All of my history teachers and my English teachers have been really outgoing

Mine has a speech impediment kind-of thing, so he doesn't talk too much.

Exact opposite at my school. All the history teachers are boring as hell.

My 8th grade social studies teacher was very outgoing and theatrical. You know, the kind who takes the class on the Louis and Clark "expedition" around school on an office wheelie chair. And the kind who would stop everybody in the middle of the hallway and say "Look! 6th graders! In their natural habitat!"

However, my 9th grade History teacher was kind of a geek. But in the sweet, cute geeky way. He had to turn off the lights so we wouldn't see him blush when he taught us about dating and alcohol in the 1920s.

My History teacher in eighth grade greeted us on the first day of school by asking if anyone had a heart condition. Then he spent the rest of the year startling us by slamming his textbook against his desk whenever he wanted to make a point, or whenever he caught someone sleeping in class, or whenever he was bored and felt like being an asshole.

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My history teacher stands on desks and blasts music while playing air guitar on a regular basis

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I've noticed that, too. How strange...

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My history teacher last year retired, and as a retirement gift, she went skydiving. shes the best.

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Most of the history teachers at my school are P.E. Coaches so yeah, they're all hyped up.

Math and physics.

The first thing my 9th grade history teacher did was run into the room doing hi kicks followed by a scream of "MY NAME IS MISS LOUTH AND I LOVE OWLS! :D" and my 10th grade teacher quotes Monty Python on a daily basis.

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My Icelandic teacher is probably the most outgoing teacher I have ever had. The guy jokes around like hell, teases the students and isn't afraid to laugh really loud and have fun.

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