A heart is just an upside-down ball sack, amirite?

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It sounds ridiculous, but you actually aren't far off... as a symbol for romantic love, people can't agree on when or why it started being used, but various theories include it it representing genitalia ( http://tinyurl.com/d8uuk - scroll to "as an icon" section!)

Thinking with your dick and thinking with your heart are the same thing with different words; so yes, I agree. Thinking with your brain is a different story.

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I've seen real hearts. Real beating hearts and real but very dead hearts. I have never once winced or felt my balls retract while seeing any of these being cut up. I therefore conclude that this is a lie.

For anyone who said "No Way", he meant the generic heart shape, the one that looks like two raindrops stuck together. I hope that cleared things up a little.

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Why is this negative... That's fucking hilarious.

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