Can we name the next hurricane Shaniqua or something? I feel like if we give hurricanes ghetto names people will be more inclined to get out of their way. Hurricane Irene sounds friendly. Hurricane Dijonae sounds like it would rip your weave out if you look at it the wrong way, amirite?

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I feel it would cause confusion... Like if you lived in a white neighbourhood, you'd be like:
"Have you heard, Lashonda's coming"
"No the hurricane is named Lashonda"
"Oh, thank god, you had me worried there..."

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Hurricane DickShredder was already taken?

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Oh my gosh my mom just said that this morning...Mom are you on amirite?

Dijonae. Did you get that from the Proud Family, lol?

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YO JONIQUE! Gurl u bettah get out of mah way or imma popa cap in yo ass!

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This deserves a secret achievment or something...like Most likely to make you bust out laughing. Yep, that works! y smilie

They probably went anon since this was on sickipedia and knew someone would be anal retentive enough to care.

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That was actually quite catchy.

I bet the person who posted this is wishing they hadn't gone anon.

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@Chace http://amirite.net/388852

That's the exact post I was thinking of. This seemed familiar. At the same time, the 'ghetto' perspective is a little bit different, so it's not really a repost i suppose

This is my favorite post of all time.

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So I imagine you enjoyed Wyatt Cenac's stand-up routine?

So this post sounds really racist right? Or is it just me?

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Getting two tones in your hair, one darker than your natural, one lighter.

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