school is like a boner, it's long and hard unless you're Asian, amirite?

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BRILLIANT! Stereotype, innuendo, and a great punchline. I wish most posts were like that nowadays.

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"school'" is even longer when your black

racist? I think not. it evens out.

This is brilliant.

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@kerlandays12 Sank you!

Uh huh. I bet you're Asian, right? More specifically, Japanese??

You better not be referring to Pearl Harbor...

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I bet the people that disagreed were asian.

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Are you implying that all Asian's have Erectile Dysfunction?

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@Are you implying that all Asian's have Erectile Dysfunction?

Good point. Just because Asians half 1/2 inch dicks, doesn't mean their boners aren't hard.

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This is the greatest post ever.

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Hey, my boyfriend is Asian!
But this is hilarious and I'm showing him.

According to a survey from Manswers, it's actually indians who have the smallest penises, not asians. However they are second.

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