When you're making a cake, you mix a tablespoon of mayonaise in the batter so it's extra moist. amirite?

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I also like to put dogshit in for taste

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that sounds like it would taste bad...

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There's this bakery by my house that does this and their cake IS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS.

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I use yoghurt:) in notting hill, spike would say mayo and yoghurt were the same:)

I voted YYA just in case you were referencing Marshall's family in How I Met Your Mother. They add mayonnaise to EVERYTHING.

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That's nasty

Does sour cream count?

@evan123 Does sour cream count?

Sour cream works too. But since it is not the same as mayo, then in reference to this post... No.

You know what else makes things moist?

@Favvkes water bakes out YOU FOOL

'tis a good thing I don't bake then, foolish me.

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