school IS child labour. amirite?

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It's the place you go so you don't have to do labor/labour when you're older.

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Ugh, free education!

Education is a privilege. It should be available to all, but it isn't. I almost feel that first-world children should be offered the choice between school and work, so that they can see for themselves how privileged they are...

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No, it's not.

Just because you are required to work in school doesn't mean it is child labor. A decent education is required for a decent job. Clearly, you're a fucking idiot that wants to not try in school and then live off welfare. Good luck, asshole.

1. productive work, esp physical toil done for wages
2. the people, class, or workers involved in this, esp in contrast to management, capital, etc
3. difficult or arduous work or effort
4. particular job or task, esp of a difficult nature

Usually, Labor/Labour, describes productive work in the sake for economic gain. Unless your school pays you for your assignments, it's not the true form of labour/labor.

it's child care

@itsnotme it's child care

As in babysitting? No. You could not pay me enough to be a teacher. Not only are they in charge of the well-being of many children throughout the day, they have to actually teach them, do lesson plans, attend meetings, etc. Not as easy as my job which is, indeed, babysitting.

Have fun in the real world!

wow...I posted this post as a random idea... not serious about it. Wow, people are way too serious.
In fact I'm a high honors student so you all can go be rude and annoying to somebody else.

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More like a playground than you know. All of us are taxed to death to pay for your blasted schools - so shut up!!

british spelling you tard.

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@Somebuddy british spelling you tard.

Says the person who can't use the reply button.

This comment was deleted by its author.

You may not have seen this since the OP can't use the reply button, but that's the British spelling.

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