It's always the Algebra or Biology professor who is a little off, amirite?

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Lkuns avatar Lkun No Way +4Reply

History. I haven't had a sane history teacher in years.

Psychology profs, ooobviously. They always have to be somewhat insane...


Metal work/ wood work teachers at my school were creepy.

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Spanish 2, Algebra 1, Physical Science.

Thatbitchs avatar Thatbitch Yeah You Are 0Reply

It's all science and math that drives you fucking insane, and a couple spanish...

Anonymous 0Reply

GT teachers are the worst.

band.. especially jazz band

Anonymous 0Reply

Physical science.

My history teacher was fucking insane. Literally, padded room worthy. My bio teacher was crazy, but in a good way.

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My bio teacher is a mass-murder. I'm positive she's such a creep. Plus, I'm sure she would know good ways of killing people.

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