School starting at 7:30 am is just unsmart on the principal's part, I mean all the students are going to be tired and do worse, amirite?

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Not the principal's decision.

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@bobbibet Not the principal's decision.

Well, who ever decided to make it that way made a bad decision. I think OP assumed it was principal because they're kinda like the head figure of the school.

Tomorrow my first class starts at 9:00 and it's the only class I have all day, I love college

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@LostPuppy I envy you. can't wait to be outa high school :/

My first class starts whenever the hell I want. I love online college classes.

Err, that way you can be dropped off at school without interfering with your parents' work schedule, and you get to finish early enough to have time for the rest of the day. Afternoon shift sucks because you spend the morning sleeping and then the afternoon/evening in school and then you only have a short while before you go to bed(since in the eyes of the school you should be in bed by 10pm).

School day is 7:20-2:12 I get home at 2:45. It's not that bad.

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My high school doesn't start till 8:30...

My school starts at 7:00 and we leave at 3:00

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