You've had a teacher with an awesome last name, amirite?

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Mine were Moody, Filtwick, Trelawney, Sinistra, Grubbly-Plank, and a lot more. But those were the most awesome and funny.

Mrs. Disco for history. And there's a sub at my school named Mr. Partee.

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Lesse. I've had a Ms. Quackenbush. A teacher whose first and last names were Sue Nami. And a Mr. Massaroni.

I had a teacher once that was named Paige Page.

Danielas avatar Daniela Yeah You Are +11Reply

I have Mr. Garrison. Be jealous

calebs avatar caleb Yeah You Are +11Reply

I had a teacher named Ms. Sasse (pronounced Sassy). She wasn't all that sassy, just stupid and bitchy.

Ms. Falconer was my life science teacher.
Ms. Frizzel was my physical science teacher, and she looked a lot like Ms. Frizzle from Magic School bus, so we called her that behind her back.

My English teacher was Ms. Reed.

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@Wunderscore My English teacher was Ms. Reed.

My Orchestra teacher was Ms. Reed!

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@gene My Orchestra teacher was Ms. Reed!

My Algebra 1 teacher was Mrs. Reed aka Mountain Top Missles (She never wore a bra and her room is cold)

@Wunderscore My English teacher was Ms. Reed.

Ha! My art teacher was Mr. Reed! :)

Danielas avatar Daniela Yeah You Are +2Reply

My Latin teacher's name is Mrs. Shoemaker, and before she got married she was Ms. Boutin. Our hall pass is a shoe.

I had Mrs. Lutty, but her name tag didn't have the period so it looked like "MrsLutty", oh and I had Mr. Schwearazinschki (sp?), but we all just called him Mr. Swear.

Pedo_Cats avatar Pedo_Cat Yeah You Are +6Reply

Mrs. Beans and Mr. Ajarapoo, his first name was Phillip. No bullshit h smilie

Ms hooker and ms moschetti

Carterqrs avatar Carterqr Yeah You Are +5Reply

Mr. Ballin.

@candito Mr. Ballin.

also Mrs. Stahnke (pronounced Stanky)

I once had a teahcer named Mrs. Killings, she was sort of mean. My kindergarten teacher talked unusaully so it sounded like she said Ms.Ketchum but she really was saying Ms.Catchings. In first grade my teacher was Ms.Griffin and then like 6 years later I had a science teacher named Mrs.Griffin. Then there were last names that we thought were their first names like Mrs.Bonny,Mr.Scott, etc.

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I had one called 'chicken' in norwegian..

Mrs. Ippy :)

Mr. Condon- Mr. Condom behind back

Ms. Yada Mak- Yoda or Mak Attack behind back

Mr. Abcede (pronounced ab-sed-ay)- Mr. Abc behind back

Mr. Bridal

MissAwesomenesss avatar MissAwesomeness Yeah You Are +4Reply

I have a teacher named Mr. Dick, and he's notoriously mean and irritating. Literally nobody in my school even bothers to make the joke anymore.

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Moody, Sommerville, Pavlakovic, Fontaine, Sadowsky, Casper, Sobehrad

Favvkess avatar Favvkes Yeah You Are +3Reply

Ms. Couturier. I just find it so romantic and pretty.

Mr.Rutters for my Science class.
Mr.Van Voorst for Business.
Mr.Ferraria for Geo.
Had Mr.Cornish for a sub for my pregnant teacher in grade 2.

Ms. Gore, a history teacher who's really nice.
Not a last name, but my algebra teacher's first name is Hans. He's from Amsterdam and has a Dutch accent. It's awesome.

ms. higginbottom.
ms. fitch.

Mrs. Hoffinagle. We called her Mrs. Half-a-Bagle

Mrs Shoemaker and Mr. Gaylord.

Mrs. Fishback in kindergarten. Mrs. Chipps and Mr. Halfaday in seventh grade; there was also a Ms. Mckillip who was called Ms. Mckitten behind her back because she was OBSESSED with cats. I haven't had any interesting names in high school though.

lucichs avatar lucich Yeah You Are +2Reply

My English teacher in I think 7th grade was Mr. Barfoot. Then my Government/Economics teacher was Mrs. Amos and everyone thought her name was Mrs. Anus. Then the foods and nutrition teacher was Ms. Craft :P

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Mr. Love. My school's address is Dr. Love Rd.

Nosevitch, (some people called her Nosebitch secretly)
Blanc (pronounced like the word "blank")
Belcher (but she got married recently and changed her name): )
Payne (she taught Algebra 2... makes so much sense...)

Sir Roa (pronounced Ro-wa) haha

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