That Snorlax you just called fat? Yeah, it's eating rare candies by the DOZEN for you to accept it. That Gastly you just called ugly? It's been trying to learn a new move to replace its Mean Look. That Slowpoke you just tripped? He has a learning disability that makes him Legally Retarded. See that Hitmonchan with the scars? He fought in Vietnam for your freedoms today. We should stop judging Pokemon, amirite?

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See that Magikarp you just called useless? When it reaches lvl 20 it's gonna kick your ass

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See that Crobat you just called ugly? He cried and went home to cut himself and listen to Jigglypuff's depressing music.

Roys avatar Roy Yeah You Are +18Reply

that Bonsly you made cry? It's using fake tears, because you demanded it to.

Lkuns avatar Lkun Yeah You Are +10Reply

Wouldn't Hitmonchan be fighting against us

ASWCCs avatar ASWCC Yeah You Are +2Reply

what the fuck is this?

@tyreeshajones what the fuck is this?

It's a parody of Facebook posts people make about not judging people.

ScottyDs avatar ScottyD Yeah You Are +9Reply

i love whoever made this post

lilobamas avatar lilobama Yeah You Are 0Reply


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